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confessions of a teenage psychopath

. . . bite me . . .

˚·°٭ ρrεттγ liттlε ρsγcђŏρaтђ ٭°·˚
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Aloha people, welcome to my journal! feel free to friend me, but read the rules on my FO post first. there is a 99.9% chance i'll add you back. =D my journal is pretty much like a diary, but i try to keep my posts kind of short and not tell life-stories lol. enjoy ^^
about me:
girl. 16. london/essex. mainly rock music. slightly insane. slightly homicidal. im half polish, i have a short attention span, an addiction to cheesecake and i like to go out places although i never have any money lol. I try to get along with people even if i dont really like them because i dont like fighting with people. LIKES photoshop. friends. my MP3. cheesecake. bags. bag charms. HATES school. maths. being bored. arrogant people. judgemental people. smoking.